Advantages of different Spindle Shaft

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The spindle shaft is a motion shaft that drives the tool or workpiece to rotate on the machine tool to produce cutting motion.

The spindle shaft is a motion shaft that drives the tool or workpiece to rotate on the machine tool to produce cutting motion. According to the driving mode of the spindle shaft, the machine tool spindle can be divided into two categories: mechanical spindle and electric spindle.

The mechanical spindle shaft drives the spindle shaft to rotate through the spindle shaft motor and the intermediate transmission device (speed gear, belt or coupling). Its output torque and power are large, but the speed, accuracy and stability are relatively poor. The electric spindle is a new type of spindle shaft component that integrates the functions of the machine tool spindle shaft and the motor. That is, the high-speed motor is placed inside the spindle shaft component, and the spindle shaft can obtain the required working speed and torque through the control system. It is also called a built-in electric spindle; it eliminates the transmission links of belts, gears or couplings, and realizes the "zero transmission" of the spindle shaft system of the machine tool. It is a major change in the transmission system of CNC machine tools; it overcomes the traditional machinery The spindle shaft has the disadvantages of slipping at high speed, large vibration and noise, large inertia, etc., which effectively improves the overall performance of the spindle shaft at high speeds, and has the irreplaceable superiority of the machine spindle shaft:

First, because the electric spindle is directly driven by the built-in motor, the intermediate speed change and transmission equipment are omitted.

It has the characteristics of compact structure, lightweight, low noise, low vibration and low moment of inertia.

Second, the built-in structure of the motor of the electric spindle makes it from the transmission system and the overall structure of the machine tool

Relatively independent, forming a relatively complete function of the "spindle unit", thus promoting the modularization of the machine tool structure.

Third, it has special requirements for the speed, accuracy of the spindle shaft and the structure of the machine tool.

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