Introduction To Drilling Tools Manufacturer Classification

The following kaiqiu Drilling Tools Manufacturer will briefly analyze the common types, scope of application, characteristics and so on of Drill pipe.

   drill bit is one of the commonly used equipment in mine excavation. It is widely used in various mining fields, the most common being coal mines. Drill bits are also divided into many types, each of which has equipment specially adapted to various environmental and geological conditions, and drill pipe is used in coal mines. The following kaiqiu Drilling Tools Manufacturer will briefly analyze the common types, scope of application, characteristics and so on of Drill pipe.

  The scope of application of Drill pipe
  This kind of drill is specially developed for coal mining and is suitable for coal mining projects. It is characterized by fast drilling speed, wide drilling range, and can save excavation and excavation time, manpower and material resources. It is convenient and simple to install and use, which can be said to have great advantages.
   Classification of Drill pipe
   can be divided into two types in terms of hardness: Type I and Type II. The former is mainly suitable for soft rock drilling, and the latter is suitable for hard rock and hard rock drilling. From the conditions of use, it can be divided into dry type and wet type. It is mainly suitable for the drilling of anchoring and supporting holes in soft-medium-hard rock. It is generally used for roadways with rock hardness f≤8, especially suitable for bolt support for coal roadways. The roof bolt hole can be drilled for the protection operation.
   Advantages of Drill pipe
Drill pipe has a wide range of applications and a variety of types. Compared with traditional drills, its faster speed and lower drilling speed can significantly reduce the cost of the enterprise, improve the efficiency of excavation, and simple maintenance. It is currently the most important One of the coal mining drill bits. In summary, Drill pipe has many characteristics and advantages, and its position in the coal field is irreplaceable. It is currently the most widely used and most outstanding coal mining equipment. It is precisely because of its wide application range and a lot of attention. Corporate welcome.



  1. Drilling Tools Manufacturer Matures
    2. Development Of Drilling Tools Manufacturer Technology
    3. Tapered Button Bits Have A Bright Future
    4. The Broad Prospects Of Tapered Button Bits Application
    5. Tapered Button Bits Mature


Tapered Button Bits currently has a low application range in some mining and drilling fields, but in terms of performance, its future development trend is very good, and its use value is high, especially for some deep wells and high hardness rocks. For complex geological conditions, this kind of drill bit is undoubtedly excellent. Therefore, the prospect of Tapered Button Bits in the future is very broad. Of course, Drilling Tools Manufacturer still needs certain development in technology to mature.


   So what is the reason that restricts the development of Tapered Button Bits? First of all, it is indeed defective in some aspects. For example, the drilling speed is low and cannot meet certain requirements, resulting in low current use value. This is the most common phenomenon in current equipment. The reason for this is insufficient water power and insufficient mechanical breaking power.
   Of course, some domestic Tapered Button Bits companies did not give up on their performance research. A lot of drill bits have been developed and there have been great breakthroughs in technology. After years of development, a variety of serialized and large-size drill bits and machinery have been developed, which are fully suitable for large-size drilling and can achieve higher speeds.
   Tapered Button Bits have good advantages and characteristics in many aspects, and have a high development space in mechanical crushing work, which can meet the digging ability of higher hardness rocks; and also have sufficient resistance to fatigue and wear. In terms of cutting teeth, the number of cutting teeth is increased and the size is reduced, which is more conducive for the cutting teeth to enter the ground.
   Tapered Button Bits mainly include several parts: bypass valve, hydraulic motor, cardan shaft and transmission shaft. The motor mainly provides power, which directly affects its speed and load. It is currently the main factor restricting the development of Tapered Button Bits in China. But with the continuous maturity of the current drill bit technology, its application prospects are becoming wider and wider.