Future Development Of Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory

The work efficiency of Hot Air Stenter Machine is continuously improved with the improvement of carding components and carding process.

The work efficiency of Hot Air Stenter Machine is continuously improved with the improvement of carding components and carding process. In the 1950s, the research on high-speed and strong carding technology improved the production capacity of Hot Air Stenter Machine. In order to meet the requirements of extensive use of metal card clothing and high speed, Hot Air Stenter Machine has been generally equipped with a doffer variable speed (fast and slow speed) device, which facilitates the operation and operation; adopts an autoleveling device (see drafting autoleveling) to improve fiber The unevenness of the weight of the strip length and short segments; automatic can change and various safety and process automatic stop devices are used to reduce the labor intensity of workers, increase the equipment to absorb noil, fly and dust, improve the labor environment, and reduce yarn defect.

  Modern Hot Air Stenter Machine continues to develop in the direction of high quality, high yield and low consumption. Because the Hot Air Stenter Machine has a small needle surface spacing and a higher and higher operating speed, people are paying more attention to improving the machining accuracy of the machine parts, improving the quality of card clothing, and ensuring the stability and reliability of the carding action. At the Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory under high-speed operating conditions, the card clothing anti-rolling safety, cotton suction and dust removal devices need to be further improved. Additional measures on carding machines, such as carding parts, dual-line groups, blowing and carding, and combing and connection, are gradually being adopted. In some countries, widening the machine width, enhancing the carding capacity of the main comb, improving the carding mechanism, and improving the ability to remove weeds, etc. are listed as topics under exploration.