Protection Of Hot Air Stenter Machine

Let the experts of Licheng Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory explain to you.

Hot Air Stenter Machine is a kind of equipment in the textile printing and dyeing factory that stretches the fabric flat and makes the width of the weft width uniform through the action of heating and tension on both sides, which can make the cloth surface flat. It is beautiful, and it can also reduce the deformation of the fabric in the tailoring and sewing process, so it occupies an important position in the textile printing and dyeing factory. However, in work practice, nearly half of the causes of Hot Air Stenter Machine failure are due to poor lubrication, so choosing the right grease is particularly important for the normal use of Hot Air Stenter Machine. So what kinds of greases do we need? Let the experts of Licheng Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory explain to you.

  1. Since the working environment of Hot Air Stenter Machine has certain requirements on temperature and humidity, the grease it uses has many chances to contact with moisture in the air, and it is easy to cause mechanical corrosion and emulsification of grease due to water immersion. High temperature resistant grease has good water drenching performance and anti-corrosion performance,
  2. Hot Air Stenter Machine runs continuously for a long period of time and bears a large load. Therefore, it will increase the friction of the contact surface, which will cause wear and tear on the bearing and affect the service life. The high temperature resistant grease has good lubricity and excellent Film formation, load-bearing capacity and lubricating performance Film formation ability can provide excellent anti-wear and lubrication protection at high temperatures, and is more than 3 times that of general grease.
  3. Hot Air Stenter Machine will increase the internal environment temperature under long-term operation, which will easily cause the high temperature deterioration of the grease, resulting in the loss of lubrication parts and loss of lubricating effect. High temperature resistant grease has excellent high temperature performance and oxidation stability. , The highest temperature reaches 250 ℃, not only will not deteriorate and lose at high temperature, but also will dry out or form harmful impurities, ensuring the lubrication part to work normally at high temperature for a long time.