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What are the techniques for maintaining the appearance of the Metal Cooler Cart?


What are the techniques for maintaining the appearance of the Metal Cooler Cart?

  1) Pay attention to cleaning the vehicle frequently. To keep a small refrigerated truck clean, just wiping it with a cloth is not enough, it needs to be cleaned frequently. Because of the contact with some harmful gases or corrosive dust containing salt, acid, alkali, etc., the vehicle must be cleaned frequently.

  2) Pay attention to use soft cotton yarn or soft towel when wiping the car, instead of hard cloth. When colored dust falls on the body (such as vehicles driving in petroleum, smelting, chemical and other factories), the dust should be cleaned in time. Otherwise such substances may seep into the paint layer and tarnish the surface.

  3) Note that cleaning vehicles should not be carried out in strong sunlight. Do not expose to the sun without drying the water droplets after washing.

  4) Pay attention to vehicles in coastal areas or chemically polluted areas, wash them with soft water every week. Do not use detergents with high alkalinity such as detergent powder and washing powder. When using cleaning agents, also use special cleaning agents or soaps with low alkalinity. Otherwise, the grease on the paint layer will also be washed away when the dust is washed off, which will cause the paint surface to age and lose its luster.

  5) Pay attention to wipe the car in time after the rain. For small refrigerated trucks that have been exposed to rain, it is better to wipe off the rainwater in time, especially after being exposed to the rain, it will be exposed to the sun without wiping, which has a great impact on the paint surface.

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