The Benefits of Short Term Injection Molding for Automotive Injection Mold Manufacturers

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Automotive Injection Mold Suppliers Short Term Injection Molding


Automotive Injection Mold Suppliers Short Term Injection Molding

While 10,000 may seem like a lot, in the world of injection molding, it's actually quite limited. If your project requires less than 10,000 parts, short run injection molding may be a perfect solution.

The benefits of short-run injection molding

Time to Market - Sometimes it pays to get your product out as quickly as possible. Short runs help ensure you reach your customers before your competitors.

Accessibility - The production capacity of injection molding offers a huge advantage to affordable companies. The short run enables SMEs to reap these benefits.

Iteration - Short runs can be a valuable step between prototype and mass production. As a trial run, a short run helps the product develop when it starts to be profitable and gives you the opportunity to make changes to the product with relative ease.

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