The structure of the water meter

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Water meter is an instrument for measuring water flow.

Water meter is an instrument for measuring water flow. Most of them are cumulative flow measurement of water. They are generally divided into two types: volumetric water meter and speed water meter. They originated in the United Kingdom. The development of water meters has a history of nearly two hundred years , you should first estimate the size and flow range of the flow rate used under normal circumstances, and then select the water meter of the specification with the common flow rate closest to this value as the first choice.Zhejiang Shengdi Technology Inc is a manufacturer of Water Meter Measurement Bench.

  1. Traditional water meter

The internal structure of the traditional water meter can be divided into three parts: shell, sleeve and inner core from the outside to the inside. The shell is cast iron, and the water passes through the lower annular space of the shell after coming out of the water inlet, which is called the "lower annular chamber" here. Above this annular space, there is an "upper ring chamber" that communicates with the water outlet. There is a filter screen with small holes at the bottom of the sleeve to filter out the sundries in the water. There are two rows of circular holes on the side of the sleeve, and the positions of the holes are just opposite to the upper and lower ring chambers of the shell.

  1. Smart IC card water meter

The smart IC card water meter is a new type of water meter that uses modern microelectronic technology and modern sensing technology to measure water consumption, transmit water data and settle transactions. This is a big improvement compared to traditional water meters. In addition to recording and electronically displaying the water consumption, the smart IC card water meter can also automatically control the water consumption according to the agreement, and automatically complete the calculation of the water fee for the stepped water price, and at the same time, it can store the water consumption data. Since the data transmission and transaction settlement are carried out through the IC card, it is possible to realize the change from the staff to the door-to-door meter reading and the user to pay the fee at the business office. It has the characteristics of convenient transaction, accurate calculation and bank settlement.

  1. Wireless remote water meter

The wireless remote water meter is a remote control cold water meter that complies with CE certification. With the help of the MBUS remote meter reading management system, meter reading and control are realized, and various functions such as meter data transcription, control, data storage, and query are automatically completed. The collected data is classified and processed to complete various complex tasks performed by humans. Wireless remote water meter remote meter reading system consists of wireless remote water meter, collector, concentrator and comprehensive meter reading management system software.

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