Introduction of short-term injection molding by Automotive Injection Molds Factory

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It's in a mold at the Automotive Injection Molds Factory


It's in a mold at the Automotive Injection Molds Factory
The injection molding process is complex, and each product requires a different type of mold. Typically, molds for high volume production are made of hardened steel, a tough and durable material that is well suited to the extreme pressures and temperatures involved in injection molding. Over its lifetime, hundreds of millions of parts can be manufactured using just one of these molds. Therefore, the mold is usually the most expensive part of the production process. But what if you don't need millions or even hundreds of thousands of parts? What if you need 10,000 or less?

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Short run injection molding
While 10,000 may seem like a lot, in the world of injection molding, it's actually quite limited. If your project requires less than 10,000 parts, short run injection molding may be a perfect solution.

The benefits of short-run injection molding
Time to Market - Sometimes it pays to get your product out as soon as possible. Short runs help ensure you reach your customers before your competitors.

Accessibility - The production capacity of injection molding offers a huge advantage to affordable companies. The short run enables SMEs to reap these benefits.

Iteration - Short runs can be a valuable step between prototype and mass production. As a trial run, a short run helps the product develop when it starts to be profitable and gives you the opportunity to make changes to the product with relative ease.

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