Harm Analysis Of Drinking Tea At Gunpowder Green Tea Factory

Who is best not to drink strong Chinese Green Tea?

Who is best not to drink strong Chinese Green Tea?
1. Avoid drinking strong tea in patients with anemia
The tannic acid in tea can combine with iron to form an insoluble final compound, which prevents the body from getting a sufficient source of iron. Therefore, patients with anemia should not drink strong tea.
2. Drink strong tea with caution in neurasthenia
The caffeine in tea has the effect of stimulating the nerve center. For neurasthenia, drinking strong tea, especially in the afternoon and evening, can cause insomnia and aggravate the condition. You can drink tea in the morning and afternoon during the day. Drink green tea, not tea at night. In this way, the patient will be refreshed during the day, calm and comfortable at night, and can fall asleep earlier.
3. Drink strong tea with caution in patients with coronary heart disease
For patients with coronary heart disease who have a fast heart rate, premature beats or atrial fibrillation, because the caffeine and theophylline in tea are stimulants, they can enhance the function of the heart. Drinking a lot of strong tea will speed up the heartbeat, which often leads to the onset or aggravation of the disease. Therefore, such people can only drink some weak tea; on the contrary, patients whose heart rate is generally below 60 beats/minute should drink more tea. Not only is it harmless, but it can increase the heart rate and has the effect of cooperating with medication.
4. Patients with hypertension should not drink strong tea
To make tea with less than 50ml of boiling water per gram is called "strong tea". If hypertensive patients drink too much tea, the excitatory effect of caffeine will cause blood pressure to rise, which is not good for health.
5. Drink strong tea carefully when drunk
Tea has the effect of exciting the nerve center. Drinking strong tea after being drunk will increase the burden on the heart. Drinking tea will also accelerate the diuretic effect, so that the toxic aldehydes in alcohol are excreted from the kidneys before they are decomposed, which is more irritating to the kidneys and endangers health. Therefore, for people with heart and kidney disease or poor function, do not drink tea, especially large amounts of strong tea; for healthy people, you can drink a small amount of strong tea. Fruits, or sip vinegar and other methods to speed up the body's metabolism and relieve drunkenness.
6, pregnant women avoid tea
In particular, strong tea leaves contain a lot of tea polyphenols, caffeine, etc., which have many unfavorable factors for the growth of the fetus in the mother’s abdomen. In order to allow the fetus’s intelligence to develop normally and avoid excessive stimulation of the fetus by caffeine, Zhenan Gunpowder Green Tea Factory It is believed that pregnant women should drink less or no tea.