Drinking Of Green Tea Factory Products

Green Tea Factory introduces healthy drinking methods.

   As everyone knows, drinking tea for health. Drinking tea regularly can have the effect of health care. Friends who often drink tea will find that there is a layer of tea stain on the tea set, which is very troublesome to clean, so many people don't pay attention to cleaning. Little did they know that this would seriously endanger the well-being of human beings and even cause cancer. Green Tea Factory introduces healthy drinking methods.


   The scientific research indicated that drinking water contains minerals and trace harmful heavy metal ions, such as cadmium, mercury, and arsenic. When the water is heated, as the water temperature increases, the solubility of certain calcium and magnesium ions decreases, and the concentration of insoluble salts increases from time to time. When the water is concentrated to a certain level, precipitation will precipitate. These precipitates can be brewed with water into the tea cup. Tea that has not been drunk or left for a long time is exposed to the air, the tea polyphenols in the tea and the metal elements in the tea rust will oxidize and give birth to Brown tea rust, commonly known as tea stain, adheres to the inner wall of the cup. Tea rust contains cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic and other harmful metals, which is the chief culprit that endangers the health of the human body.

  How to thoroughly wash off the tea dirt

  The thicker the tea scale, the more difficult it is to settle. Therefore, daily cleaning is as important as regular settlement. Experts suggest that after drinking tea every time, even if there are no obvious tea stains on the tea set, they should be carefully cleaned to avoid axillary growth.

   1. Add water to the teapot or teacup, add the potato skins, heat and boil, rinse after cooling, it is easy to clean.

  2. When using a metal tea compartment, it will become dark due to tea stains. If it can't be washed off with a medium detergent, it can be soaked in vinegar or soaked in bleach to remove the dirt.

  Bag tea is best brewed only once, and bulk tea should not exceed 3 times

   In addition to tea dirt, which is unclear and harmful to health, the most nutritious and safest tea can be brewed several times? Many people are not clear.

   In life, some people like to brew tea repeatedly until they lose their taste. Some people brew the tea once or twice and then quickly change the tea. Which of these two methods is correct? How many times is better to brew a cup of tea? Some people like to drink light tea, some people like to drink strong tea, although the frequency of tea brewing has a lot to do with the taste of different people, but In terms of nutrient absorption, it's best to brew tea in bags only once, and don't make more than 3 times in bulk tea.

   Gunpowder Green Tea contains tea polyphenols with anticancer effect, tea polysaccharides that can lower blood sugar, caffeine that excites the central nervous system, and a variety of nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins. How much of these nutrients can be separated out has a lot to do with the frequency of brewing. Generally speaking, the larger the shape of the particles, the slower the rate of precipitation of nutrients; the smaller the particles, the faster the rate of precipitation.