About The Cleaning Of Flannel Fleece Blanket Wholesalers

There are two ways of flannel fleece blanket organic washing and hand washing.

We all know that the flannel fleece blanket is very comfortable, but how do you need to clean the flannel fleece blanket of flannel fleece blanket wholesalers ? When you wash in a household washing machine, the washing machine must be large enough, which is a prerequisite. If the washing machine is too small, the wool blanket will not fit, even if it can fit in, it will probably not be cleaned. When washing woolen blankets in a washing machine, after adding detergent, it is best to add an appropriate amount of softener to it. This is also to keep the wool blanket smooth.

If the washing machine at home cannot hold the woolen blanket, wash it by hand. But when washing woolen blankets by hand, you must remember one thing not to rub the woolen blanket with your hands. This will cause great damage to the wool blanket. The correct way to wash a woolen blanket by hand is to put some detergent in the right amount of water first. In addition to detergent, shampoo is also acceptable. After the dilution is complete, put the woolen blanket in and soak for half an hour to an hour. Then you can step on it with your feet. Rinse the woolen blanket clean afterward.

The flannel jacquard two-tone fabric of flannel jacquard two-tone fabric wholesalers can also be washed in this way.