About Flannel Jacquard Two-tone Fabric Wholesalers Craft

The flannel jacquard two-tone fabric sold by flannel jacquard two-tone fabric wholesalers is one of the most popular new fabrics.

In the fabric market, new fabrics emerge endlessly. The flannel jacquard two-tone fabric sold by flannel jacquard two-tone fabric wholesalers is one of the most popular new fabrics. Today we will talk about the classification of double-sided jacquard structure.

According to the structure, the double-sided jacquard weave can be divided into the complete jacquard weave and the incomplete jacquard weave. In each loop-forming system, all the dial knitting needles participate in the organization formed by knitting the reverse loop, which is called the complete jacquard structure.

The weave formed by the dial knitting needles participating in the knitting one by one is called incomplete jacquard weave. Incomplete jacquard weave is commonly used in production, and the fabric has a clear pattern, stable structure, and less extensibility and dispersibility.

The above is an explanation and introduction to the two classifications of double-sided jacquard structure. For more details about flannel jacquard two-tone fabric, please visit flannel fleece blanket wholesalers .