Introduction To The Application Of Cookies Making Machine Manufacturers

How To Use Cookies Making Machine Manufacturers

Mochi Ice Cream Machine is more cost-effective than labor. The labor cost is very high. The monthly salary is about 3000-5000, and the price of a steamed bun machine is about 70, 80,000. For the cost of three to four employees, you can buy a steamed bun machine in five or six months. The steamed bun machine won’t run, and you don’t need to pay wages. The buns made are more beautiful than those made by hand. The skin filling ratio is also very uniform, the surface is smooth, the appearance is beautiful, and the taste is good.

The steamed bun machine is to put the mixed dough and the mixed fillings into the filling hopper of the steamed bun machine, turn on the switch, adjust the weight of the dough and fillings, and the machine starts to make buns.

The steamed bun machine adopts a stainless steel body and multiple kneading rollers to make the steamed buns taste better and taste more delicious. Because the touch screen control panel realizes visual operation, the batch production of buns can be completed by just moving your fingers. The output of 1000-6000 per hour can be adjusted. Ten-pleated buns can also be made into shallow-patterned buns, such as buns, steamed buns, hemp balls, 100 rice crackers, Qing Tuan, etc.

There are diversified steamed buns, which can produce dozens of kinds of buns such as meat buns, meat vegetable buns, vegetable buns, xiaolong buns, soup buns, crystal buns, round buns, custard buns, bean paste buns, barbecued pork buns, pumpkin pie Stuffing products. The work efficiency of the cookie making machine of Cookies Making Machine manufacturers is equivalent to that of 10-15 workers making it by hand at the same time. It is an ideal and efficient equipment in a period of unstable personnel.