Fabric Characteristics Of PV Plush Blanket Factory

The PV plush blanket produced by the PV plush blanket factory is a kind of fleece fabric.

The PV plush blanket produced by the PV plush blanket factory is a kind of fleece fabric. Because the fleece is relatively long, it is called plush. At the same time, the fleece was first developed in South Korea, so it is called South Korean fleece. According to the reflective effect of PV velvet fabric, it can be divided into dull PV velvet and semi-gloss PV velvet.

The texture is fine, soft to the touch, does not ball, and does not fade, but it will slightly shed due to the principle of weaving. No skin irritation, no allergies. Beautiful appearance and rich colors. It is a cotton bathrobe substitute product that has just emerged in China.

The textile technology of PV velvet fabric is a knitted fabric, but what is the composition of its fabric? PV velvet is 100% chemical fiber surface material, and its textile raw material is 100% polyester.

Because the PV velvet fabric has a particularly delicate feel, it is also widely used in furniture decoration, car decoration, etc., such as the jackets on the steering wheel of a car.

The milk velvet printed blanket produced by the milk velvet printed blanket factory is also used in many places.