What Products Are Included in Traffic Road Safety Products?

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Traffic road safety products are very easy to see in our daily life. Do you know how many kinds of traffic road safety products?


Traffic road safety product contains a wide range of products, the following are some common traffic road safety products:

1. Traffic cone: used to indicate dangerous areas, guide traffic routes, separate lanes, mark construction areas, indicate parking areas, etc.
2. Traffic sign: used to indicate road traffic rules, warn dangerous areas, indicate traffic routes, indicate speed limits, etc.
3. Road reflector: used to provide visual guidance at night or in low-visibility conditions, and improve the driver's awareness of road conditions.
4. Road guardrail: used to protect vehicles and pedestrians from impact, separate lanes, and prevent vehicles from deviating from the road.
5. Traffic light: used to indicate the actions of vehicles and pedestrians on the road and control traffic flow.
6. Lane markings and markings: used to indicate the width and location of lanes, warn of dangerous areas, provide direction guidance, etc.
7. Speed measuring instrument: used to measure the speed of vehicles, monitor traffic violations, and improve traffic safety.
8. Road reflective tape: used to improve road visibility at night or in low visibility conditions and reduce the risk of traffic accidents.
9. Vehicle safety equipment: such as airbags, seat belts, ABS systems, etc., to improve vehicle safety.
10. Pedestrian protection facilities: such as sidewalks, pedestrian bridges, pedestrian tunnels, etc., to protect the safety of pedestrians.