How much do you know about mirrors

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The development history of mirrors has made mirrors more and more convenient and convenient, and soft mirrors have developed better and better, and are no longer as fragile and troublesome as ordinary mirrors.

1. What material is the soft mirror

The front is made of acrylic, and the back is made of double-sided tape, environmentally friendly paper, waterproof glue and other materials that can effectively protect the electroplating layer. The application range of one-piece soft mirrors: architectural applications and lighting, signboards and store decoration, booth display cabinets, industrial parts, handicraft lamps and lanterns reflectors, toy lenses, cosmetic mirror lenses, etc.

Yoga/Yoga mirror

2. The role of the full-length mirror

Expand the space: The best way to expand the space of a small room is to use a mirror. A common method is to hang a large mirror on one wall, especially in a narrow space, covering the entire wall with a mirror can relieve the pressure, and can also be used as a full-length mirror. Place; space embellishment: The full-length mirror used to embellish the space is usually hung on the wall of the living room. Such embellishment must be enough, and it is best to place flowers, plants or beautiful flowers on the opposite wall. Painting, so that the scenery in the mirror will look visually good; matching style: in the European classical decoration style, a full-length mirror with a mirror frame is generally used, which is convenient to match the overall style; in the simple modern decoration style, simple lines are used. There are many ways to inlay the mirror into the wall, so that it does not take up space, and the space appears larger.

3. About Nanomirrors

Shanghai Brisafe Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-quality lightweight shatter-resistant nanomirror products and vision systems. Shanghai Brisafe invented the soft mirror and has a complete intelligent copyright. Our address is in Room 319, Building 1, No. 5025, Jingdong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai. Nanomirror is a brand-new technology that does not use glass materials, and has the advantages of no deformation, no chromatic aberration, ultra-light, and anti-shattering. If you are interested in our products, you can contact +86 (21) 64179918. Willing to answer any questions for you