To Add Trim To The Door Frame

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Measure the width of the trim decorative door frame, then cut the planks to match

    Step 1 Cut the plank to the same width as the door frame.

    Measure the width of the trim decorative door frame, then cut the planks to match. Remember that this piece of wood will be placed directly above the door and the idea is for it to join seamlessly with the existing frame. when

    Step 2 Compound Miter Die with blade inclined at 45 degrees.

    It's a little hard to explain but easier to understand in action! You want to create two composite mitered corners where the wood wraps seamlessly around the corners. To do this, you'll need a miter saw with a blade that is angled at 45 degrees (you can see in the photo above how the blade is angled - not as straight as in step 1). First, cut each end of the facing trim, remembering that the final length of the inner edge (short side) needs to match the length of the board (from step 1), not the outer edge (long side). Next, still using the 45-degree saw, cut the two return pieces that will form the ends. These returns will have a flat cut (where they sit against the wall) and a chamfered cut.

    Step 3 Cut out your trim.

    If you're using a square or rectangular trim (like I did), you don't need to miter it. Just cut a face length so that the ends of the jamb overhang to the depth of the trim (for example, my jamb is 900mm wide and my trim is 12mm deep, so I cut it to 924mm), then cut two Small return piece to fit between it and the wall.

    Step 4 Attach the mold to the board.

    Paste the face shape first. Run a wavy bead of liquid nails along its length, place it on your plank, and clamp it carefully (I used a G clamp). You may want to use a block or pad to prevent pinching feet from damaging your mold; wipe off excess glue with a dry cloth; allow it to set. To attach the return, use a small number of liquid nails, hold them in place, and clamp.

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