Suppliers Teach You How To Distinguish Power Transformers

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A power transformer is a static electrical device that is used to convert a certain value of AC voltage (current) into another or several different values ​​of voltage (current) with the same frequency.

     A power transformer is a stationary electrical device, a stationary device with two or more windings, in order to transmit electrical energy, at the same frequency, through electromagnetic induction to convert the alternating voltage and current of one system into the voltage and current of another system, usually, these current and voltage values are different.

  Power transformers are classified by use: step-up (6.3kV/10.5kV or 10.5kV/110kV for power plants, etc.), liaison (220kV/110kV or 110kV/10.5kV for substations), step-down (35kV/0.4kV for power distribution or 35kV/0.4kV for power distribution) 10.5kV/0.4kV).

  Power transformers are classified according to the number of phases: single-phase, three-phase.

  Power transformers are classified according to windings: double winding (each phase is installed on the same core, the primary and secondary windings are wound separately and insulated from each other), three-winding (there are three windings in each phase, the primary and secondary windings are wound separately and insulated from each other), Autotransformer (a set of winding center taps as primary or secondary output). A three-winding transformer requires that the capacity of the primary winding is greater than or equal to the capacity of the secondary and tertiary windings. The percentage of the capacity of the three windings is in the order of high voltage, medium voltage, and low voltage: 100/100/100, 100/50/100, 100/100/50, and it is required that the secondary and tertiary windings cannot be run at full load. Generally, the voltage of the tertiary winding is lower, and it is mostly used for the power supply or compensation equipment in the near area and is used to connect three voltage levels. Autotransformer: There are two types of boosting or bucking. Because of its small loss, lightweight and economical use, it is widely used in ultra-high voltage power grids. The commonly used model of small autotransformer is 400V/36V (24V), which is used for the power supply of safety lighting and other equipment.

  Power transformers are classified by insulating medium: oil-immersed transformers (flame retardant, non-flame retardant), dry-type transformers, and 110kVSF6 gas-insulated transformers.

  The cores of power transformers are all core-type structures.

  The three-phase power transformer configured in general communication projects is a double-winding transformer.

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