Should The Ceiling Choose PVC Or Aluminum Buckle Ceiling?

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Which One Should You Choose Between PVC Ceiling And Aluminum Buckle Ceiling?

The characteristics of the suspended ceiling are relatively simple installation, convenient maintenance, and flexible layout. It has always been loved by consumers and has become a trend in the decoration industry. So, in the decoration, is it better to choose a PVC ceiling panel or an aluminum buckle ceiling for the ceiling? Then, let me give you a detailed introduction.


PVC ceiling VS aluminum buckle ceiling


  1. The PVC and plastic-steel gussets have strong water resistance and scrub resistance, relatively low cost, and aluminum alloy gussets have better texture and decorative sense.


  1. PVC and plastic-steel gussets are made of PVC, which is light in weight, easy to install, waterproof, moth-proof, and has many changes in surface color patterns. It is also resistant to pollution, easy to clean, and has good performance of sound insulation and heat insulation. It is a new technology. The flame retardant material is added to it so that it can be extinguished in case of fire, and it is safer to use. The disadvantage is that compared with metal ceiling panels, the service life is relatively short.


  1. Compared with the traditional ceiling material, the aluminum alloy gusset plate has a better texture and decorative sense.


That's all for the above! I hope it can help you choose the most suitable ceiling for your home. If you need PVC ceiling tiles wholesale, please contact us!