Have You Noticed These Problems When Installing PVC Ceiling Panel?

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Four Steps To Teach You To Install PVC Wall Ceiling Panel

Bathroom PVC wall panel installation method:


  1. Ensure the level of the elastic wire. Like the installation of the gypsum board ceiling, the installation of the aluminum gusseted ceiling also needs the elastic wire to ensure the level. Generally, according to the floor level line, use the ruler to reach the ceiling design level vertically, bounce on the keel position line on the ceiling, and bounce the ceiling level line on the wall.


  1. Install the main keel boom. After playing the ceiling level line and the main keel position line, determine the elevation of the bottom of the boom. According to the position of the main keel and the hanging distance, fix the end of the boom without bolts with expansion bolts. under the floor.


  1. Install the main and secondary keels, assemble the hanger nuts, pre-sign the hanging parts on the main keel, put the main keel of the assembled hanging parts into the corresponding hanger bolts according to the position of the grading line, and screw Good nut, connect to the main keel, install the connector, adjust the level and straightness of the cable, install the hole with the main keel, set and connect and clamp. According to the secondary keel grading line that has been played, clip and place the secondary keel triangle pendant, and hang the secondary keel on the main keel through the triangular pendant according to the main keel spacing specified in the design.


  1. Install the aluminum gusset plate. When installing the ceiling aluminum gusset plate, lightly press along the flanging part in sequence, and after the two sides of the square plate are completely inserted into the secondary keel, push it tightly.


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