How To Avoid Abnormal Heating Of The Drilling Rig Gear Pump

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Introduce The Reasons For The Abnormal Heating Of The Gear Pump Of The Drilling Rig

When we use gear pumps, we occasionally encounter some failures. For example, the gear pump of the drilling rig will generate abnormal heat when it is used for a long time. So what is the reason? What is the method of elimination? Let's find out together!

Reasons for abnormal heating of drilling rig gear pump

  1. Improper selection of gear pump clearance causes overheating of sliding parts;
  2. The assembly quality is too poor, the coaxiality of the rotating part cannot meet the technical requirements, and the operation is not smooth;
  3. The pump bearing is of poor quality, broken during assembly, or not cleaned during installation, resulting in poor operation;
  4. The quality of the oil used is too poor;
  5. The diameter of the oil suction pipe is too small, and the oil suction resistance is large;
  6. The external heat source is high and the heat dissipation condition is not good.

Troubleshooting method for abnormal heating of drilling rig gear pump

  1. Disassemble and clean, re-measure the gap of the pump, and re-install it to the specified gap;
  2. Disassemble, clean, and reassemble to meet technical requirements;
  3. Disassemble the pump for inspection, replace the damaged bearing, and reassemble it;
  4. Select oil or change oil according to the requirements of the pump;
  5. Thicken the pipe diameter, reduce the elbow, and reduce the oil absorption resistance;
  6. Eliminate external influences and increase thermal insulation measures.


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