Manual Fertilizer Seeder Wholesale Easily Solve Seeding Problems

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Plug seeder from Manual Fertilizer Seeder Wholesale


Nowadays, crops are basically planted on a large scale. In each season, different crops have different planting methods, and whether there is a big harvest, one or two can be predicted during the planting process, so planting is not only for God’s food, Choosing a good mechanical equipment can not only improve work efficiency but also effectively reduce labor costs. Scientific planting methods can also greatly increase the yield of plants.


1. Plug seeder from Manual Fertilizer Seeder Wholesale

Everyone often relies on experience to sprinkle seeds when artificially sowing, and manually measure the distance between two sowings. There are many uncontrollable factors. For example, if the distance between each sowing is too large, it will lead to Sparse seedlings will not only reduce the yield, but also waste a lot of land resources. On the contrary, if the distance between the seedlings is too dense, the seedlings will compete for the nutrients in the land, resulting in malnutrition, which will affect the yield and profitability. The direct reason is that the sowing distance of the plug seeder has been scientifically planned, and different intervals can be customized for different types of plant seeds, and the seeds can be sowed quantitatively without over-seeding.


Second, the planter is not efficient

The planter can be operated by one person, and the operation process is simple. It can plant multiple rows at the same time and complete the planting and filling work at the same time. This effectively reduces labor costs and improves agricultural planting efficiency. The seeding depth and seeding spacing are the results of scientific planning. Therefore, China Wholesale Planting Machine uses plug seeders to effectively increase production and over-fulfill planting tasks. The machine itself is safe and inexpensive. The company will also provide related after-sales service such as returning to the factory. It is a must-have for agricultural growers.