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The correct installation method of medicinal material transplanting machine


The correct installation method of medicinal material transplanting machine

   In recent years, we have introduced better foreign technology, digested, absorbed, and transformed to develop a Vegetable Seed Planter suitable for the needs of my country's agricultural production and farmers. Its use greatly improves the labor productivity of agricultural planting based on seedlings, reduces labor intensity, and improves the overall level of agricultural mechanization. Then let you know the correct installation method of the medicinal transplanter:

  The lower suspension of the rice transplanter is connected with the lower suspension of the tractor, and the upper suspension is connected with the upper suspension rod of the tractor. After connecting, install the pin and lock it tightly. Adjust the adjusting rod in the middle of the suspension frame to make the transplanting machine level before and after. Adjust the left and right adjustment rods of the hydraulic suspension to make the frame level

   (1) Connect the planter assembly and the traction frame assembly with U-shaped bolts and M14*35.

   (2) Rotate the depth adjuster, the upper lead screw and the handle of the overburden adjuster counterclockwise to the end.

   (3) Drag the transplanter so that the tractor hook and the tractor hook touch the ground.

   (4) According to the height of the ridge and the depth of the furrow, adjust the screw of the seedling depth adjuster and the soil cover adjuster, and adjust it to the appropriate seedling depth in combination with the seedling depth gauge.

  (5) Connect the two drive wheel brackets with the traction frame assembly with U-shaped bolts according to the required line spacing.

   (6) Put the shaft into the transmission bracket, install the sprocket ZB and the manual transmission shaft, install the sprocket Za and the ground shaft, install the chain and the chain box cover.

   (7) Use bolts to fix the seedling tray, seat, and seat at the position shown in the figure.

   (8) Structural principle and scope of application

  The new practical China Corn Sheller has the advantages of performance maintenance, high labor intensity, long use time, reliable operation, etc., and is deeply loved by farmers and friends.