The function and composition of freight elevator

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Today we will talk about the related information of simple freight elevator:


Today we will talk about the related information of simple freight elevator:

1. Concept:

The freight elevator is a non-scissor type hydraulic elevator, which adopts the principle of a guide rail elevator. It has been modified to increase the car, door control system, electrical digital display integrated system, etc., gradually evolved, and is mainly used in the second and third floors of the industry. The goods are transported vertically between the factory buildings, restaurants, workshops, warehouses and other floors, with a minimum height of 150-300mm, which is especially suitable for workplaces where pits cannot be excavated. No upper lifting points are required, no machine room design, side-mounted cylinder guide rails, and diverse forms (Single column, double column, four column), stable lifting, simple and reliable operation, large load capacity, economic and convenient.

2. Instructions for use:

First of all, it is clear that the simple freight elevator is strictly forbidden to carry people. Because it is carrying goods, it is strictly forbidden to carry people. There is not much explanation here. When using the simple freight elevator, we need to pay attention to the hydraulic type. Yes, so pay special attention to the purity of the hydraulic oil during use. For example, the hydraulic oil labeled minus 40 degrees will certainly not work properly in the minus 50 degrees environment. Secondly, ensure the sanitation of the working environment, because there is one in the pumping station. The pressure relief valve, if the pressure relief valve is blocked by dirt, it will cause the oil circuit to be different, and then pay attention to the operation in the process of using the manufacturer's instructions, not blindly and recklessly. Formally speaking, a simple freight elevator needs to be equipped with a dedicated person. Managed and maintained regularly.

3. Function and composition:

The simple freight elevator evolved from the guide rail elevator, so the use of the simple freight elevator is similar to the ease of use of the guide rail elevator. First of all, we first understand the components of the simple freight elevator. It consists of a table top, a lifting frame, Lifting beam, chain, oil wire rope, oil cylinder, pumping station, guide rail, guide rail combination wheel and additional car, door control system, electrical digital display integrated system and other twelve parts, then let's take a look at its function , Simple freight elevator is an economical and convenient conveying equipment between the simple freight elevator and the elevator. It does not have the high price of the elevator, and the simplicity of the simple freight elevator. It is the best choice to replace the elevator and want to be tall.

4. Advantages:

The failure rate of the simple freight elevator is low. Due to the advanced hydraulic system and good control method, the failure rate of the elevator operation can be reduced to a very low. The power consumption is low, and the hydraulic elevator is driven by the pressure generated by its own weight when it goes down. , Significant energy saving. Large load capacity, Tianyue simple cargo elevator has obtained the national license qualification, allowing the manufacture and sale of equipment of 50 tons and below, and the design of machine roomless, which makes the utilization rate of space higher.

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