Dynamic Load Rating Of Bearing Supplier's Products

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Bearings are relatively common in our daily lives. The products of the major bearing supplier have their advantages.

Bearings are relatively common in our daily lives. The products of the major bearing supplier have their advantages. Today, let’s talk about the dynamic load rating of bearings.

To compare the bearing capacity of the bearing against pitting corrosion, when the rated life of the bearing is specified to be one million revolutions (106), the maximum load that can be carried in the basic dynamic load rating, denoted by C.

That is to say, under the action of the rated dynamic load C, the reliability of this kind of bearing working for one million revolutions (106) without pitting failure is 90%. The larger the C, the higher the load-carrying capacity.

For the basic dynamic load rating:

  1. Radial bearing refers to pure radial load;
  2. Thrust ball bearing refers to pure axial load;
  3. Centripetal thrust bearing refers to the radial component that produces pure radial displacement.

The above is a brief introduction to the rated dynamic load.