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What should I pay attention to when installing passenger elevators in old buildings?


What should I pay attention to when installing passenger elevators in old buildings? Climbing the stairs is too tiring and I don’t want to change rooms anymore. It is inconvenient for the white old children to travel. The stairs in the old buildings have become a heavy burden on the residents’ lives, and even seriously affect their quality of life. The installation of elevators in old buildings has become an urgent need for neighbourhoods!

What should I pay attention to when installing an elevator in an old building? After reading the following nine points, you will know them all!

1. Evaluate the structural safety of existing buildings before installing elevators

Are there hidden structural safety hazards in existing buildings and are they suitable for installing elevators? The structural safety of existing buildings must be evaluated before installing elevators. When necessary, the house structure safety reinforcement should be carried out together with the installation of elevators to eliminate potential safety hazards. After installing an elevator, the integrity and structural safety of the existing house cannot be affected.

2. Less or no renovation of buildings

The installation of elevator hoistway foundation and steel structure hoistway design must be integrated with the building. The building renovation caused by the installation of elevator should be adopted as far as possible with less or no renovation of the building under the premise of ensuring safety.

3. To find an elevator company device, you must first check the qualifications

When looking for an elevator company installation, you must first check the qualifications. It is best to find a company with experience in installing elevators. The elevator installation involves a hoistway installation company, so when signing an agreement, it is best to find a manufacturer to install it and avoid signing a contract with several companies. Present problems with each other's excuses.

4. The problem of emergency rescue channels

In the elevators installed in old buildings, because of objective reasons such as the structure of the building, rescuers cannot unblockedly reach the locations and landings where the urgent operations are performed. In response to this objective problem, the State Administration for Supervision and Administration of Markets issued the "Implementation Rules on the Relevant Requirements for Elevator Rescue Channels" to ensure that rescuers can open the doors and windows leading to the elevator rescue address and service floor through keys or forced means. Obstruct and open emergency rescue drills in accordance with the rules, but this should be approved by the relevant owners and requires the understanding and active cooperation of all owners.

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