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China Emergency Light Company Introduces The Role Of Indicator Lights

China Emergency Light Company introduces the different situation classification of emergency lighting:

1. Classification by working status:
①Continuous emergency light. Regardless of whether the normal lighting power supply fails, it can continue to provide lighting.
② Non-continuous emergency light. Lighting is only provided when the normal lighting power supply fails.
③Composite emergency light. The emergency lighting fixture is equipped with more than two light sources, at least one of which can provide lighting when the normal lighting power supply fails.

2. Classification by function:
①Lighting type lamps. In the event of an accident, it can provide necessary lighting to walkways, exit passages, stairs, and potentially dangerous areas.
②Signature lamps. It can indicate the direction of the exit and passage, the light has text and icons, the brightness of the sign surface is 7-10cd/m2, the stroke thickness of the text is at least 19mm, the height is at least 150mm, the observation distance is 30m, and the transparent text is compared with the background Great contrast.

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