That said reading through this thread highlights exactly how different

That said reading through this thread highlights exactly how different

Yeah like I certainly have a lot fine to say about New Horizons, along with the matches IMO definitely move the show forward in some meaningful ways. The 3DS assets definitely would not look nice simply being inserted into New Horizons as Animal Crossing Bells they are (even those in Pocket Camp would probably require some touching up). I am not planning to say it's just like the entire Dexit situation, but I do think sometimes New Horizons might have benefitted from a bit more polish before launch.

Finally it is not the worst thing indeed; the game is still fun for me and the updates are becoming closer and closer to having feature parity with New Leaf. There's lots of little things here and there that I really miss from New Leaf (like for instance; Fireworks shows raffle has adorable new fireworks things, but they did not bother bringing the adorable Showa-era Nintendo toy furniture at New Leaf) but as a whole it is certainly still a fantastic game.

For me, my most desired features are the yield of older furniture. As nice as the items in New Horizons look, I feel at times as they wanted everything to look like a model house; customizing in New Leaf felt far more real and personal and somewhat less like creating a set for an Ikea catalog.

I haven't been able to play regularly at all since I got a new job about two months ago, even before that I considerably slowed, mainly due to playing other games. Stay at home situations have probably had a big influence on the amount of individuals feeling bored with the game, yeah.

That said reading through this thread highlights exactly how different a few players pursuits in this game are. I see some who desire"new gameplay" (I suppose activities and minigames), many others who want convenience improvements, and others who want upgrades/expansions on existing functions like the shop/museum, and others that want new furniture alternatives etc..

I sort of wish the game was given more time prior to launch so some of these features would have been in on day one (so that every update did not feel like playing catch-up to New Leaf). It is not like that is a bad entrance, but in looking at the sheer amount of things in New Leaf by contrast it can be a tough pill to swallow.Yeah I only play it bit by bit, I don't know how my gf performs it as long as she does, but I'm just happy she is gaming, I play it a cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items bit at work, amass some shit market it see the shops if there is any clothes and I am pretty much done for the day.