Ask him where you can find a symbol and he'll tell you the symbol

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Go to the OSRS Items cave and guards will attack youpersonally, get them through until you locate Leader Yurnok who's level 61. He will attack you with a giant spear that may hit up to 18. Once you kill him, he will drop Yurnok's Head and bones, sometimes a number of coins and runes along with other valuables. Bring his head back to Lug. Lug will give you the orb that's named Orb of Breath. Proceed to the wizard Terran who's at the Wizards' Tower and he'll thank you and provide you 5,000 gp and let you have the orb.

Proceed to Captain Murk and you will set sail. Once you visit a broken wall that the ship will stop and Captain Murk will tell you to dive there. Proceed and you'll discover a shipwreck. You will then wake up in a prison in the palace. Talk to one of those guards and inquire why you were placed into jail. The guard will tell you that you were wearing no emblem.

Ask him where you can find a symbol and he'll tell you the symbol maker is at the 2nd floor of the palace (which is below your flooring.) You will be let out and the Mogre will direct you to the symbol maker, not letting you move. You will talk to the Yarg, the emblem maker and he'll ask you what symbol you desire.

He will then make you a symbol of the area you select. Wear the symbol and you'll be able to pass into your area by the palace. To identify what area you belong to, simply opt for the doorway of their colour. If you are not wearing the symbol or you're wearing the emblem but you don't belong to the area, the cheap OSRS gold guards will stop you. You can't un-equip your emblem while in your region.