Steam China is Coming: Teach you how to start the Steam Platform

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Steam has a huge market space in China. Recently, the Steam China version has attracted widespread attention from PC gamers. The Steam China version is expected to be launched on January 16-17.

For Steam China, many players have any doubts. But recently, we can see the possibility of launching Steam China from the Steam client. This is almost a fact, and it is a good thing for Steam or Chinese players. If you want to buy Steam Level Up,please come to

First, we enter the installation directory of the Steam client, find "steam.exe", and create a shortcut.

Then, in the "Properties" of this Steam shortcut, find "Target" on the "Shortcut" tab, and add the startup parameter "-steamchina" after the field. Note that there is a space before the "-".

Click "OK" to close the window. Then double-click this Steam shortcut, you can see that the login box of Steam China appears!

Of course, this is just a login box. Steam China has not yet officially launched, so even if you use your existing account and password to log in, you will only jump to the Steam homepage, and it is a pure web version. However, it can be noticed that before the redirect, the domain name "steamchina" did appear, which shows that Steam China is indeed in intensive preparations.

According to related operations, Steam China may share the client with the Steam International version, but the startup parameters of the two parties are different. In any case, the entry of Steam into China is a major event for gamers and the entire game industry. Let us continue to pay attention to