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#Coinbase首席执行官Brian Armstrong的员工冠状病毒爆发应急计划#


疾病控制与预防中心的美国卫生官员表示,冠状病毒“未被公认在美国社区中传播。” 官员们补充说,如果在美国发现了本地传播途径,美国的应对策略将“加强行动的实施,以减缓社区中的传播。”



Coinbase首席执行官布莱恩·阿姆斯特朗(Brian Armstrong)发表了一份共享文件,指出:“我们的期望是,测得的死亡率(一旦将低严重度病例纳入总体计数之内)将会大幅下降,并且我们将看到西方地区的传播有限高密度多代住房的情况将减少。”


自2020年1月10日以来,日本每天报告的新确诊病例数。来源:CHP Hong Kong



Coinbase说:“我们仍然相信大多数员工对COVID-2019冠状病毒的风险较低,而对我们日本团队的风险则略有增加。” 该公司对前往中国,香港,日本,意大利和韩国的旅行进行了限制。


由NexChange Group 主办,并由数码港支持的 2020年香港区块链周 计划原定于3月2日至6日举行,但由于对冠状病毒爆发的安全性和安全性考虑而推迟了。

Token2049和StartmeupHK Festival 2020也被推迟到了以后,原因是冠状病毒的发展带来了不确定性。

香港区块链汇款初创公司 Bitspark 因冠状病毒被轻度关闭

总部位于香港的区块链汇款初创公司 Bitspark 最近 宣布 关闭,指出原因是内部重组问题,冠状病毒的爆发和抗议活动导致了目前亚洲金融中心的恶化。 The coronavirus has dominated mainstream media coverage as countries outside of China has been seeing an increase of cases as the death toll reaches 2,700 worldwide.

Coronavirus cases in South Korea have reached 1,140, while the recent outbreak in Italy has caused more than 320 infections and 90 cases in Iran. The World Health Organization officials and US experts believe it is still too early to declare the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19 as a pandemic.

US health officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the coronavirus “is not recognized to be spreading in US communities.” Officials added that if the local transmissions are identified in the US, the US response strategy will “enhance implementation of actions to slow spread in communities.”

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

US crypto trading firm Coinbase has been reportedly “planning for a really negative outcome” although the firm has kept an optimistic outlook.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase published a shared document stating, “Our expectation is that the measured mortality rate (once low-severity cases are included in the overall count) will fall significantly and that we’ll see limited transmission in the west, where there will be fewer high-density multi-generational housing situations.”

Coinbase has offices in the US, Japan, UK, and Ireland, and the firm is taking measures to ensure safety for three phases of the disease, from phase one, consisting of more than 100 cases of the coronavirus to phase three, more than 5000 infections. Currently, all of the firm’s offices are in tier 0, Japan is in tier 1. Tier 0 also includes improved sanitation measures in the office.

Daily number of newly confirmed cases reported in Japan since January 10, 2020. Source: CHP Hong Kong

In cases where there are 100 or more infected people in the commuting radius of the Coinbase office, the firm will request some employees to work from home, while offering mask disposal bins and boost cleaning schedules for those in the office.

Phase two is when there are more than 1000 cases are within the commute range of the Coinbase office, with a mortality rate of 1% or above. If the situation leads to phase three, all employees will be required to work from home.

“We continue to believe the risk of COVID-2019 coronavirus to most employees is low, with a slightly elevated risk to our team in Japan,” said Coinbase. The firm has made restrictions on travel to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, and South Korea.

Hong Kong blockchain events cancelled

The Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020, hosted by NexChange Group and supported by Cyberport, which was initially scheduled for March 2-6, has been postponed due to security and safety concerns regarding the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Token2049, and StartmeupHK Festival 2020 have also been postponed to a later date, citing coronavirus developments creating uncertainty.

Hong Kong blockchain remittance startup Bitspark closure mildly due to coronavirus

Bitspark, a blockchain remittance startup based in Hong Kong, recently announced its closure, stating reasons due to internal restructuring issues, as well as the coronavirus outbreak and protests that led to the current deterioration of Asia’s financial hub.