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#model3 Downloading game software for 12 HOURS with CAR AWAKE
M3 downloaded and successfully installed the latest firmware today. After this update, I noticed I had another yellow download available onscreen indication. So I started this download, it was a game update. The onscreen indicator turned green and I watched the download progress of the new game software for about a minute. After twelve hours of the car being awake in the garage I notice the progress bar had not moved. I told the car to forget my network, powered the car off via the cable under the back seat and powered her back up. I now have a yellow download indicator and a message to connect to WIfi to continue the download of the game firmware. Will the car go to SLEEP in this state? If I reconnect to Wifi what are the chances the download will complete the remainder of the download and not STAY AWAKE for hours again? Would the car have stayed awake for days, ran down the traction battery, depleted the 12V battery and shut down (not plugged into shore power) if I had not intervened???